Near Nova Kakhovka, the deacon of the local church and his son, abducted by the occupiers, were found killed

In the forest near Novaya Kakhovka on the left bank of the Kherson region, on November 26, father and son, Anatoly and Alexander Prokopchuk, were found dead. Shortly before that, on November 22, they were abducted by the Russian military. Anatoly was a deacon of the local Church of Evangelical Christians, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

Friends of the victims told the Center for Journalistic Investigations about this.

Immediately after the disappearance of the father and son, relatives and friends posted advertisements on their wanted list on social networks. It said that at about 19:00 on November 22, Anatoly and Alexander Prokopchukov, who were working in their garage, were taken by the Russian military in the direction of the neighboring village of Rayskoye in their own car a silver Honda Odyssey. What the Russian invaders wanted from the Prokopchuks is unknown.

“On November 27, their relatives told us that Anatoly and Sasha had been found shot dead the day before in the forest near the city. The car has disappeared,” friends of the victims said.

Anatoly Prokopchuk, born in 1970, was the father of seven children – a daughter and six sons, including one minor. His deceased son Alexander was 19 years old. The dead will be buried on November 29.

Source: Под Новой Каховкой нашли убитыми дьякона местной церкви и его сына, похищенных оккупантами | Новости inVictory