North Korea reports ‘first’ corona incidents – underground believers remain on the path of pilgrims

North Korea reports ‘first’ corona incidents – underground believers remain on the path of pilgrims. North Korea has reported “first” corona virus incidents – secret believers remain on the pilgrimage path. More than two years after the global pandemic began, North Korea officially acknowledged the first cases of Covid-19 in its country. According to experts, the virus has plagued the country with its devastating effects for a long time. New restrictions have increasingly affected the lives of Christians in the country.

However, a letter from a North Korean secret Christian shows that Christians still trust Jesus. Let us continue to pray for the believers in North Korea.

An outbreak of the omicron variant was reported in Pyongyang on 12 May. That’s why Kim Jong-un put different places in lockdowns across the country.

As is the case in North Korea, official information is far from true. According to Open Doors sources, the current corona virus situation is worse than expected. This is in line with the raging “ghost disease” reported in August 2020 by a secret field worker.

More challenges for Christians in North Korea

It is unclear how severely the coronavirus has affected the country. However, interest rate restrictions have made it much more difficult for Open Doors employees to help locals. The challenges have been the greatest ever. Nevertheless, God has opened up new possibilities for the projects and provided the necessary support to the local Christians.

Kim Jong-un has imposed a lockdowns to limit the infection across the country. They affect the work of Open Doors workers, such as secret mailings and secret home gatherings. The North Korean economy will inevitably suffer. This will lead to a significant increase in the price of food and other basic commodities. It can have a devastating effect on people – including Christians. At the same time, the government monitors and restricts all suspicious activities, appointments, travel and unusual property.

A letter smuggled from a mysterious Christian

In essence, this is an additional challenge for Christians in North Korea. As always, they will be close to Jesus. This is evidenced by a letter from an underground church leader.

“Especially during the corona pandemic and many natural disasters, we seem to be at risk everywhere,” he said. “Difficulties and obstacles come from different directions. However, we know that God allows us to experience contact with each other and share our faith. So we will walk in the path of the pilgrims, trusting in the Lord and following Him. ”

Let us pray together for the believers underground in North Korea. They look forward to ” the God of all grace, who called them to His eternal glory in Christ, after they have suffered a little while, will himself restore them and make them strong, firm and steadfast.” (1 Peter 5:10).

Source: North Korea Reports of “First” Corona Cases – Secret Believers Stay on Pilgrim’s Way | Open Doors Finland