One big error that Christian singles waiting on Gid make

Rejection of God’s warning; Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. 2 Corinthians 6:14:

As Christians, many of us think it’s okay to enter into relationships with non-believers, believing that they will change over time, but unfortunately they don’t. The truth is that someone who has not changed their bad lifestyle for the better in a relationship is unlikely to change it during marriage.

One might think that every parishioner is a true believer, but this is not so, because some of them call the name of Christ, but do not depart from iniquity.

Some even go to churches just to marry a godly brother/sister and later in life they may contribute to that person’s apostasy.

This is reality! As a single who is waiting on God, never make the mistake of entering into a relationship with someone who is immature in Christ because, firstly, he/she can unconsciously cause you to depart from your faith and the Christian race, and secondly, one who is not grounded in Christ can never love you enough, no matter how much he vows to love you forever.

After a few years of married life, his/her love for you begins to wane, and if proper care is not taken, they may find themselves cheating on their partners.

This is because we need Christ to fill our baskets of love daily, and this can only be done for those who are secure in Christ. Even if you think you’re getting too old never rush to marry a non-believer, because you can still rush or stay there to endure instead of enjoying the marriage.

Just Believe And Trust God!! He never counts and does not work with time. It’s always 100% solid-proof to go into a relationship and marry a true believer in Christ Jesus.

Unknown author.