Our Vietnam brothers

Our Vietnam brothers smile and preach the gospel boldly despite family death threats

It is great to see how Vietnamese Poh* who belongs to the Hmong tribe can smile after everything he has experienced. When we meet, he literally shines and sings us a beautiful song of praise in a good mood. Poh grew up at home, where the devil was worshiped.

Poh says he grew up in a family where chickens and cows, for example, were regularly sacrificed to the devil and he learned to fear the devil himself. He heard the good news about Jesus from his wife, Mai*, whom he met at the age of 15. When they got married, Poh moved in with his wife’s family and embraced Christianity in complete silence. By the time they had children, Poh realized that he could no longer hide his faith from his parents. He told them that he believed in God and was now a Christian.

The family gets furious

Poh’s parents disagreed with their son’s decision. They said that especially now, after becoming a father, Poh should definitely sacrifice for the safety of his children. A real storm ensued when Poh’s father set the family and villagers up against Pohi. They all pressed him to give up his faith. Poh began to fear for his life, so he agreed to deny his faith. However, he says in his heart that he knew he loved Jesus.

Poh’s family abandoned their son who had converted to Christianity.

However, Poh sought for independent living away from childhood family. A year later, he again told his family that he was following Jesus. Once again, the father called together relatives and villagers. One day they rebuked Poh from eight in the morning until afternoon. Uncle tried to force him to drink the blood of the sacrificed animals and the situation became more and more violent. Poh’s father picked up a stone with which he intended to kill his son, but others prevented him.

The persecution is growing

After seven hours of torture, the village elder gave Poh three days to decide what to do. Poh and Mai knew that this decision would change their lives. If they did not agree with the demands of the villagers, they would have to move elsewhere. They prayed to God for wisdom and protection. Eventually, they announced that they would remain Christians. Then Poh’s father changed actics and demanded a lot of money from them. Poh didn’t have it. In this way, they were attacked even more intensively, and in one situation even the police arrived at the scene. People warned Poh that his father might kill him. But Poh did not hide his faith.

Poh has not met his father anymore after these attacks. He lives with his family in the village where his wife’s parents live. Open Doors helped him get a piece of land on which he has built a home for his family. With the training provided by Open Doors, Poh has been able to better understand and structure his experience, and the training has provided him with strength against persecution. Now Poh realizes that he is not the only one who is persecuted for his faith, and that his father and family persecuted him because they did not know God. He prays that they will accept Jesus and be saved.

The trials have only increased Poh’s faith.

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Country: Vietnam
Subject of the article: A persecuted brother testifies of the strengthening of faith in the midst of suffering and trials. His childhood family rejected him after converting to Christianity. He can no longer live in the same village as his family.

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The red thread runs through all of Poh’s testimony – his happy faith. Suffering from the threat of death, he realized one thing: he knows where he is going after death, and that is the most important thing. The threat of death has still not completely disappeared from his life. Today, however, Poh is happy and grateful for all the help he has received from Christian sisters and brothers. He raises his children in Christianity by praying and reading the Bible with them. Poh concludes with this testimony: his faith is strengthened by trials, and Jesus loves him.

Pray for Poh and his wife and children. Ask for them and for their home for God’s protection. Ask wisdom and courage for them in situations where they can profess their faith to those who do not yet know Jesus. Pray with Poh so that his own parents and siblings can get to know Jesus. Pray for Poh’s Church and its pastor. Pray that they will grow in faith and obedience. Poh also needs a more stable income to take care of his family.

* The names have been changed for security reasons
Source: https://opendoors.fi/2021/03/09/vietnamilainen-veljemme-hymyilee-ja-todISTA-rohkeasti-rankasta-vainosta-huolamatta/