Out of politics. Ledyaev responded to Simonyan’s criticism of his trip to Azerbaijan

Pastor and leader of the international movement Aleksey Ledyaev has responded to criticism about his trip to Azerbaijan, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

The founder and pastor of the Word of Life Church in Armenia Artur Simonyan condemned Alexey Ledyaev’s trip to Azerbaijan. On October 6, Arthur Simonyan wrote in his social networks:

“This morning I received links and photographs in which Alexey Ledyaev, I don’t know how and why (and I don’t want to know), merrily photographed himself at the background of the city of Shushi, where a war recently took place and the blood of many dead people has not yet cooled down. Moreover, he enthusiastically commented on his “visit” in his own blog. I will be brief. Everyone is given the right to have a personal opinion, but spitting into the soul of an entire nation, in this case, the Armenian people, is not allowed for anyone. Alexey, you stepped over the red line. A human being must mind his own business. Write music and for God’s sake, stay out of politics. This is not your feature. You’ve done so much damage by flirting with politics. You harmed your own ministry, harmed your own people and not only your churches and now you have reached to the city of Shushi. May the Lord have mercy on you.”

“I never thought that my visit to Azerbaijan would cause such a strong reaction. The most interesting thing is that there were no questions from that side. The diagnosis was given immediately. Even spiritual cooperation was suspended. The doctors there know their stuff. And they are blunt with patients, ”Alexey Ledyaev wrote on social networks.

Aleksey Ledyaev gave an interview in the 25th edition of Yevgeny Tayts’s Out of Politics program, where he spoke about the trip and attempts to contact Armenian ministers and why he went to Arezrbaijan.

In the 26th program with “Out of Politics” Varlam Ramishvili, the pastor of the “Holy Trinity” church from Batumi (Georgia), together with the presenter, tried to analyze the situation that had arisen. Also in this program, Karina Dimova, an Armenian who has recently lived in Ukraine, a minister, a pastor’s daughter, gave an interview about the causes of a possible conflict.

Source: Вне политики. Ледяев ответил на критику Симоняна в свой адрес из-за поездки в Азербайджан | Новости inVictory