Outrage at Compromises: How Did Hanukkah Get Started?

How did Hanukkah begin? Hanukkah began with indignation against something ungodly that had already existed in the life of our people for some time. At first, this indignation occurred in the heart of one person – the old man Mattathia, then captured his family and the rest. And this holy indignation was so strong in its essence, so sincere, so aspiring to God in the desire to restore the originally established order by Him, in the desire to be in His will, that it kindled fire and thirst in the hearts of many who until a certain time put up with compromises, defeats, adapted to circumstances that they supposedly could not influence.

Even if we do not even admit some obvious sin into our life, but make compromises, there is already the smell of sin. Compromise leads to division. Remember how the serpent said to Eve: “Did God tell the truth?” The compromise began with doubt, with an attempt to shake God’s strongholds, God’s truths. And often compromise comes into our lives imperceptibly. It is like a storm: at first the waves with which you play seem so inviting, pleasant, but then they imperceptibly drag you deeper and deeper into the depths.

Practice shows that we still succumb to some compromises, doubts, uncertainties and defeats in our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to pray that the Holy Spirit will show and remind us of those areas where compromise is trying to penetrate into our lives or has already penetrated. This is similar to how sickness comes. Disease knocks on a person’s life through symptoms. And often, under the influence of fear, a person begins to agree with these symptoms, and already the second guest in his life is the disease itself. And maybe at first the person still has the attitude: “I will go to the doctor. I will pray for healing. I will believe”. But then, as victory does not come and strength dries up, the person adapts to living with this disease, loses faith, loses desire and simply gets used to this disease, learns to live with it. In the same way, in our lives, perhaps, there is some kind of compromise with which we are already accustomed to living, and we no longer see anything bad in it.

Friends, we need to pray for renewal in a Maccabean spirit. The Maccabean spirit is, first of all, the spirit of indignation at all sorts of compromises in our lives and the spiritually sick state that follows them, in which we adapt to live with something that should not be characteristic of us as good soldiers of Yeshua. It should be unusual for us to give up, it should be unusual for us to put up with the fact that our relatives are dying, it should be unusual for us to pass by a person in need. It should be unusual for us to be calm at a time when our Jewish people have not yet come to faith in Yeshua.

And maybe we are a small but a powerful bunch. Maybe in someone’s eyes we are like marginals, but this should not in any way upset or embarrass us. On the contrary, that fire, that sincerity, that thirst for God’s purity, for God’s truth, for God’s holiness that is in us, it should flare up and cling to others. And believe me, if we are firm in this, or we return from a state of compromises to God and we ask Him to restore in us this fire, the fire of God’s faith, the fire of God’s hope, God’s love, the desire to spread faith, hope, love, – if we are faithful in this, then God will be faithful in His part. Because hope is not shameful. We can and must stand on the truth of God’s Word, on the Almighty’s faithfulness to us. If He said so it will be.

I think that today God is sending many of us to those who are in certain difficult circumstances. And praying for restoration, for upsurge, for the renewal of the Maccabean spirit within us, we ourselves take this path of burning and igniting others. And God will be faithful. If the following thoughts come to you: “Yes, I have been in this field for some time, and there is not much fruit, there is no progress,” – be faithful to God, and God will be faithful to you. In spite of everything, be faithful to God, be faithful in what He reveals to you through the Holy Spirit, be faithful in what He speaks to you through the Word, when He prompts you to break through, to take risks.

They say that the biggest risk is not to take risks, not to try, and the biggest mistake is to be afraid to make a mistake. Many good brothers and sisters from the Jewish people during the Maccabean era must have been willing to stand against compromise on the inside. But no one dared, except Mattathia. His decision, indignation, to a certain extent pain, anger, rage, irritation with injustice, which more and more captured the minds and hearts of God’s children, simply tore this veil of fear and hopelessness apart and as a result, our people reclaimed the Temple, restored the ministry and for many years he conducted the war of liberation, retained his identity, retained a place for the arrival of the Messiah.

Why, in our time, can not we rebel against everything godless, against any compromises, against the reasons why we still have not done something that God once spoke into our lives?

Author – Ruslan Romanyuk, Rabbi of Vinnitsa Jewish Messianic Community / ShomerTV