Parable about a rich student

Parable by Bruno Ferrero.

Once, shortly before Christmas, a teacher asked her students the following question:

– Which of you is poor and, therefore, should receive a gift on the occasion of the holiday?

Children who considered their family to be poor raised their hands.

The city was small, everyone knew each other. Not only by name, but also where someone lives, what he does, what kind of family and fortune he has. After the lessons, the teacher called an eight-year-old boy named Dini to her. His family had recently arrived from Africa and everyone knew that they were very poor.

She invited the boy to sit down, then asked him why he did not raise his hand.

– I’m not poor.

– Who is poor, what do you think?

– Children without parents.

The teacher looked at him in surprise and silently let him go.

The next day Dini’s father returned home smiling and in good spirits. It turned out that the teacher had visited him at work.

“We can be proud—yes, proud—of our son,” he said at home. And he conveyed to his wife what he heard from the teacher.

On Christmas Eve, Dini received a present. Opening it, he saw two pairs of brand new shoes: one for him and the other for his sister. Until then, he had never received new shoes!

But even without the gift, Dini knew that his family was very rich.

Family is the only real bank account. Don’t leave it empty. Never. Every day make transfers of love, tenderness, fidelity and sacrifice. The interest on such a capital is truly incalculable.