Yury Sipko “Paradox”

We are increasingly connected to the outside world. We are at the very epicenter of the problems not only of our village, our country, but also at the center of the problems of the world and outer space.
This creates the illusion of our involvement in something great.

Our importance is growing. Illusory. For the universal and passionate goal is the destruction of the earth. All the energy of mankind is directed to the creation of weapons of destruction. Horror!

We have no future and this is a great drama. It makes sense of our present. It is vain. It is empty.
It is grief and suffering. Illness and death.

Looking inward is terrifying. Who am I? What is this all for? – questions without an answer. These question sreveals absolute emptiness.

Emptiness becomes terrible from the fading light.
Darkness. Endless darkness. In the darkness the future dies and the present is hidden. Suddenly a vague consciousness comes that you are a nobody. Nobody needs you. An insignificant molecule in the matter of the world. Whether you are or not, no one cares. You suffer, you wish, or you are lost looking for a way out, no one is interested in you.

The disco of madness is booming. Dope of lies, alcohol and drugs creates an atmosphere of fun. In the herd it is not customary to think. It’s not tactful to ask questions. It is customary in the herd to applaud and praise the jockey. “Everybody Lets dance!”

And you suffer. You don’t want to be a molecule.
You want to be! Who? I don’t know who. But just to be!
Be a human being. Free. Healthy. Worthy.
This is where light breaks into the darkness.
Messenger from Heaven, Jesus Christ! Man God!
Victorious over evil. The one who defeated death!
Opening the Kingdom of Heaven!
Came from Heaven and went to Heaven!
Wow! Can i? I want too!
I want this heavenly purity. I want the Heavenly Light.
I whisper ashamed of myself. I whisper in hope, for faith barely breaks through my unbelief! May I, Lord?
And the Lord comes.
And He lays His hands on me!
And He pours His grace into me!
And a miracle happens!
I arise! From death to life! From a molecule to a person.
From a trembling creature into the image of God!
1 John 3:1: “See what love the Father has given us, that we may be called and be the children of God.”

By Yury Sipko / Yury Sipko | Facebook

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