Pastor Alexander Boychenko, who served in Siberia for 15 years: A word in defense and support of Yury Sipko

In connection with numerous publications in the media about the initiation of a criminal case in the Russian Federation against a brother in Christ and pastor Yuri Kirillovich Sipko, and the discussions that have arisen on this account in the Evangelical community, I consider it important to state the following:

1) My ministry in Western Siberia for 15 years, for the most part, coincided with the chairmanship of Yuri Kirilovich in the Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists in Russia. At that time he was a breath of fresh water, very progressive and prolific in terms of development, growth and creation of the brotherhood. With a big heart, broad outlook and fraternal openness. In fact, it was a response to the many expectations of the church in Russia.

2) Healing the wounds of the past and shaping a new vision of the Evangelical Baptist Fellowship for the future, he was able to go beyond traditional boundaries, accommodating and uniting allied, autonomous and separated ECB congregations around Christ.

I remember with gratitude the meetings of three generations and much more.

3) Among the upheavals caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, Yuri Kirillovich showed an example of genuine devotion to Christ, openly exposing evil and lawlessness. In his speeches, the voice of the truth of God was heard, and not only Christians, but also the powers that be listened to him. It was the voice of the Christian conscience, reflecting the Biblical call from Proverbs 24:11: “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

And for this we, Evangelical Christians living in Ukraine, are immensely grateful to God.

4) In the midst of the silent betrayal of the truth, which has become a common phenomenon in the Evangelical environment today, Yuri Kirillovich, as an uncompromising herald of truth, at the risk of covering up, or rather saving the reputation of the entire Evangelical Brotherhood of Russia from just criticism and disgrace. With the tacit consent of which, and often approval, in Ukraine, cities and villages are deliberately destroyed, wiped off the face of the earth, thousands of innocent people die.

Therefore, the persecution of a brother by the authorities of this world is a completely predictable phenomenon. Yes, and the technique is familiar since the days of the USSR. Lies, slander, arousal of base passions and hatred among the propaganda-obsessed crowd is not a new phenomenon.

5) It is only surprising that even after publicly slandering their brother in faith and the pastor of the church, Evangelical Christians in Russia prefer to hush up or, using critical rhetoric against their brother, publicly deny him. A shameful phenomenon, but a fact.

I won’t be surprised if tomorrow among the shouting “CRUCIFY HIM” we will hear the voices of those whom we still accept as brothers today. Have mercy, Lord…

Friends, if you do not want to be among those with the tacit consent of whom the triumph of lawlessness and bloodshed continues, I, as a pastor, call you today, when the forces of darkness are trying to denigrate the good name of our brother in faith, to publicly testify our approval and support to brother and pastor Yuri Kirillovich Sipko in his service to God in Truth.

May the Lord bless!

We appreciate, pray, empathize and believe in God’s providence and protection of a brother.

Good Lord!

Odessa. Church “Love of Christ”. Pastor Alexander Boychenko

Source: Пастор Александр Бойченко, 15 лет прослуживший в Сибири: Слово в защиту и поддержку Юрия Сипко (

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