Pastor from Mariupol Gennady Mokhnenko: “Do ​​not lie to your flock, Mr. Dirienko”

Bishop of ROSHVE from Yaroslavl (Russia) Andrey Dirienko visited Mariupol which is temporarily occupied by Russian troops (Donetsk region, Ukraine). He spoke about it in a church service. Gennady Mokhnenko, pastor of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol and founder of the “Republic of Pilgrim”, the largest children’s rehab center in the CIS, recorded a video with a reaction to what Dirienko told his flock, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

Andrei Dirienko: “This is a rehabilitation center, our missionaries have established it…”

Gennady Mokhnenko: “It wasn’t your missionaries who did it, it’s my rehabilitation center, Mr. Dirienko, I opened this rehabilitation center 25 years ago, dozens of rehabilitation centers were opened through it, thousands and thousands of people broke free from addiction… Don’t lie to your flock. Me, my friends, my church, my community opened this center, this sign… Dozens of houses in this village were bought by my church and now they are “expropriated” by you. Everything is in the style of Stalin’s Moscow priests, who followed the valiant Red Army and as soon as they captured a city, they occupied property from local churches and declared it theirs.

Source: Пастор из Мариуполя Геннадий Мохненко: Не лгите своей пастве господин Дириенко | Новости inVictory