Pastor Oleg Bogomaz: “God, if You could save Nineveh, please save Russia too”

Church “Grace” in Ukraine is now on the front line between Kiev and the Russian army. But the pastor of the church Andrey Martynov is not nervous: “We just pray.”

Just a few hours after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the ministers of this church in Kyiv began holding prayer services every four hours.

“We have received a revelation from God that we must pray and the more the church prays, the less opportunity there is to shoot at Ukrainian territory, civilian objects and our military,” Pastor Andrey said.

Church “Grace” is located 10 kilometers from the line of hostilities.

“Of course, we are in constant communication with the Ukrainian military and if there is any immediate danger, we will inform our people. But we are the church, we are staying here, we are not running from the war,” he said.

Here, church volunteers have been sorting and packing humanitarian aid for those in need from the very beginning of hostilities.

“Despite the fact that we hear explosions, and sometimes they are very close, we just continue our ministry to help those who are in greater need than we are and therefore I am not at all afraid,” says one of the volunteers.

Even children are involved. “I feel good because I know I am doing something very important,” explained an 11-year-old girl who helps to collect humanitarian aid.

So far, the church has helped 60 000 people and this humanitarian effort will continue for as long as it takes. In the meantime, they are praying for a spiritual breakthrough.

Pastor Oleg Bogomaz said: “I believe that the result will be the fall of Putinism, Stalinism, communism and all other ideas and ideologies on which the Russian mentality was built.”

Pastor Oleg calls on Christians around the world to pray not only for their people but also for Russia, which is experiencing unprecedented political and economic upheavals.
“This is my prayer: “God, if You could save Nineveh, please save Russia too,” he said.

Pastor Andrey Martynov believes that what is happening will somehow bring a spiritual breakthrough to Russia, leading to greater religious freedom: “The word of Jesus Christ will be freely preached in Russia, I firmly believe in this and this time will come. Mark my word. You’ll see,” he said.

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Source: Пастор Олег Богомаз: «Боже, если Ты смог спасти Ниневию, пожалуйста, спаси и Россию» – ВО СВЕТЕ (