Patriarch Kirill said he was far from pacifism

“The head of the Russian Orthodox Church believes that the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine should only end with a “just peace”, the UOJ reports.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow called for an end to the “internecine strife” between Ukraine and Russia.
He stated this at the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin on October 18, 2022.

“May the Lord incline His mercy to all our people, stop internecine strife. <…> May the Lord enlighten everyone who is involved in these hostilities and everyone must understand that he is shooting at his brother.

And therefore, the cessation of the war, the establishment of peace and the spiritual unity of all our people is our prayer today and should be the subject of our common work,” the patriarch said.

At the same time, he noted that in this case he considers himself far from “what is called pacifism in Western language.”
Pacifism, according to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, is a struggle for peace under any circumstances and very often under any conditions.

“But we always say and this is rooted in our spiritual tradition: there can be no peace without justice.
A world without justice breaks down with any complication of the situation or circumstances or a change in people’s attitudes towards the theme of this world.

Therefore, there must be a lasting peace and in order for it to be so, it is necessary that by the power of God all these diabolical thoughts be eradicated from the consciousness of people who do not strive for the unity of the Holy Russia, so that everyone realizes the responsibility for maintaining the spiritual unity of the Russian world.” – said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, pacifism is the belief that war and violence are always wrong.
Accordingly, the pacifist movement is an anti-war social movement that opposes war and violence through peaceful means.
Why the desire for peace and saving the lives of thousands of people seems unfair to the patriarch, one can only guess.

As well as why the head of the Russian Orthodox Church so easily violates the fundamental commandments of Christianity – from “do not kill” to “love your neighbor as yourself” and “love your enemies.”

Source: Патриарх Кирилл заявил, что далёк от пацифизма – ВО СВЕТЕ (

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