Plants’ seeds – Indian parable

It so happened that the padishah’s (the former title of Sultans of Turkey, King of Persia and Afghanistan) courtiers almost all immediately got angry with him and stopped talking to him. Whatever the padishah asked them, they gave a short answer and again were silent.

Birbal was not in the darbar (reception hall of the Prince of India)that day. Akbar understood the reason for the offense of the courtiers, but did not show it. He calmly asked what bothers them so much, why they are so gloomy today.

One old nobleman said:

“Master of the world! I have one sadness, if you will – I will say.”

The padishah gave permission, and the old man spoke:

I have been eaten your bread for twenty-five years, serving you faithfully. And what? This person only showed up, and you do not pay any attention to us anymore. Whatever happens – you go to him, as if that Birbal is the only light in the window. This is very insulting to all of us.”

“You shouldn’t grieve about it,” the padishah replied. – “Now Birbal is not here and it is just the right time, and I will ask you a serious question. Let whoever wants to answer: where are the plant seeds?

The courtiers began to look for an answer for a long time, but everything was useless. No one gave an answer to the padishah.

Then Akbar said:

“Now you can see for yourself why I have to ask Birbal. There was not one among you who would answer me, and Birbal will certainly tell me.”

And the padishah sent a messenger for Birbal.

Having received the order, the wazir (in Islamic countries, traditionally the head of the sultan’s government) immediately appeared at the darbar, Akbar repeated his question.

Birbal told the servant to bring water, scooped a handful from the jug, sprinkled it on the ground and said:

Here, the ruler of the world! Here are plant seeds.

All the courtiers were incredibly surprised.

The Padishah saw that they did not understand the meaning of Birbal’s words, and demanded:

Birbal, explain your words.

Master of the world! The seeds of all plants lie on the ground, only they cannot grow without water. But as soon as water gets on the seed, it immediately begins to grow, that’s why I say: where water is poured onto the ground, there count and plant the seeds.

The courtiers began to praise Birbal’s wisdom and no longer remembered their envy of him.

The padishah was also pleased and generously endowed his chief adviser.