“Praise the Lord for our new well!” – Ahmadi* letter from Afghanistan

Refugees living in the border area between Afghanistan and Central Asian countries are in a very vulnerable situation. However, the well project supported by Open Doors shows that there is hope.

Ahmad, a Christian Afghan, writes in his letter about the difficult process of digging a new well in an area where many Afghan refugees are hiding. Thanks to God’s miracle, water was found when drilling at a depth of 240 meters.

“Dear brothers and sisters,

I have really good news. We have started work on the border of our country with Central Asia and Afghanistan. Although it is almost impossible to preach the Gospel in this area, we have been able to work here through the grace of the Lord.

Currently, there are many Afghan refugees hiding in the area who are without food, drinking water and clothes.

Due to climate change, the landscape of the region has become barren, making water supply impossible. Only those few families where one of the family members works are able to buy water with their small income.

In practice, people therefore drink rainwater and water from ditches and rivers. The risk of getting sick is really high.

We have prayed a lot about the situation. By God’s grace, with your help and prayers, our dream and the people of this region have come true. We have drilled to a depth of 240 meters and found water!

The journey to this point has been difficult. Many people involved in the drilling were initially reluctant to participate in the project because it was uncertain whether water would be found in the area. In addition, we did not have the equipment to drill deep enough.

Fortunately, we found a company that promised to help us. They acquired the necessary special equipment, with which they managed to drill deep enough.

Groundwater was searched around the clock in three shifts in drills. Finally, a miracle happened and after a month of work we reached the desired depth and found water.

Now local residents, Afghan refugees, our priests and their families, and other Christian brothers and sisters can use this water for free. Glory to the Lord!”

Source: “Ylistäkää Herraa uustaska kaivostamme!” – An entry from Ahmadi* from Afghanistan | Open Doors Finland