“Pray with faith!” Bethel Church Starts 24/7 Prayer for the Healing of Pastor Beni Johnson

Bethel Church (Redding, USA) has launched a 24/7 prayer campaign to support Pastor Bill Johnson’s wife, co-pastor Benny Johnson, who is battling cancer.

A church in Redding, California posted on Instagram about Beni’s health, asking the faithful to stand with them and pray for her, especially for her breath.
“As many of you already know, Benny Johnson is well on his way to beating cancer. We prayed constantly, and she had a breakthrough. We now feel led by the Lord to invite you and the worldwide Church to join us in the fight for her complete physical healing,” the Bethel Church said in a statement.

“Support us as we deliberately strive for Beni’s victory and sign up for a 15-minute prayer break. Let’s take a look at how people around the world are praying – 24 hours a day – in the coming weeks. Follow the link, register and pray with faith that Beni will win a complete victory!”

According to CBN.NEWS