Prayer is life!

“Pray with all prayers and cry out to God at all times, as the Spirit prompts you. And for this, be awake, persistently and earnestly asking for all the people of God.” Ephesians 6:18

The life of a person who believes in God is inextricably linked with prayer! Prayer is like breathing and a channel of communication with the Creator! Waking up in the morning, opening our eyes, we thank the Lord that He woke us up and gave us a wonderful new day! Morning prayer is a pleasing sacrifice and it blesses the whole day! Various events take place during the day and prayer is a conversation with the Almighty, we ask for help or advice, we thank Him for wisdom and miracles! We see the problems of other people and turn in prayer to the Lord and ask for them, we intercede!
Prayer is spiritual warfare. We lower Heaven to earth for ourselves and for our relatives and friends, for those whom God points to!

Don’t forget to pray at night before bed! Give praise to the Almighty for the day you have lived and thank you for a sound and peaceful sleep!

Do not forget to pray, learn to be constant and diligent in prayer, and much good will come into your life!

Shalom everyone! Baruch Hashem!

We praise the Lord and glorify!

By Ella Armand.