Prophecy about Estonia

In Malaysia 09.03.2001

The Lord says this : “Take and give this message to Estonia about what God wants to do for the people of Estonia – I am going to do a new job. I remove the accusations that have come against the house of God in Estonia, I remove all things that have gone wrong in the past. I cause these things to be taken away and be no longer reminded of them, ”says Lord of hosts. “I bring a new work that will remove all criticism. And the people of this land will turn to the house of God. And they shall say, Surely the hand of the LORD is mighty.

The Lord says that the power of God will begin to break through and people will begin to recognize that I am doing a new work. Then it is not time to stand against God’s household. There will be a new longing to belong to the house of God. The religious works of the enemy will collapse, but I will raise up the Church in Estonia, says Jehovah, and it will become a Church that rises in the anointing of strong preaching. And I see the Spirit of God proclaiming this message, and your prayers will be answered.

This year you will see the supernatural manifestations of God among your people and you will see the Spirit of God breaking through in Estonia in a way like never before. This is not an evangelistic movement, says Jehovah. It is a strong prophetic work of God that will start to rise among this people. Very strong prophetic voices, prophetic worship, and prophetic proclamations will come forth. Prophets will come to this land and begin to incite people not to be depressed or to feel defeated or loosers in any way. But prophetic anointings are coming that will break through this land, says Jehovah.

And I see the power of the enemy that has held the religious demons very strongly above the cities. And religious activities have held back new things. And God says that this demonic spirit is the spirit of religion. The strong ruler over this country is the spirit of religion, which cunningly seeks to defile the minds of believers and opposes all that is Godly and supernatural.

The Lord tells you today that when you go back and begin to speak to the hearts of the people of the Church and the nation, the Lord will declare that this year 2001 will be a year of fresh wind. It will not come next year, it will not come in five years, but this year, says Jehovah, there will be a fresh wind.

First it will take place in different churches here and there, and in different ministries the voice of the wind will come and suddenly you will hear the sound of heavy rain, the Lord says. When the winds gather, rain will come and it will unleash over this people – there will be a flood of water and a flood that will sweep away the darkness and destroy the work of the enemy.

And as a result, a new apostolic work is founded. And I believe that the wind of the Spirit that brings rain also causes the hearts of many who have fallen away to return to the house of God. And then shall they begin to speak of the house of God, saying: “Behold, there is bread in Judah”. And people come back to this place and say, “I want this bread. I want the living bread. ”

Go back and proclaim this Word among the people. Spread the message so that they will hear the proclamation of the Spirit of God so that faith can return to the Church. And really, miracles will happen. And the enemy’s religious forces are broken. Religious fortifications suddenly break through and they begin to hear what God is doing. And they start looking for the real thing. People come here and there, from villages and towns, they come and say, “Come and help us! Come show us the way, for we will see that the hand of the Lord is upon you. ”

So prepare, says the Lord, for I hear the sound of rain. I hear the sound of rain. I hear the sound of rain. ”