Prophetic word 22.07.2023

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways, says the Lord! Therefore, accept My words and do not rely on your own understanding.”

Do not doubt in My words because they are true and no one has ever been able to change them and neither can you change My Word. Your part is to submit to My Word, to accept My plan.

And the Holy Spirit says that many have resisted My plan.

But He calls you today: “Overcome yourself! Come and do as I tell you. Enter into My Plan! Don’t go after your plans! Don’t go your own way! They will destroy you. I have invited you many times. One day this calling will end. Now is the time! Enter My calling, says the Lord! Follow Me and we will go forward together. And your life will turn out alright. Things that have been unresolved for years will find a solution, and My Spirit itself will lead you out of dead ends, situations that you have not been able to solve and where you have thought: “Where is God? Why doesn’t He help me?”

But you have not been in My plan and that is why things have not gone well. Come to Me, My child! I am waiting for you and I love you.”


Abigail Kõrgesaar, 22.07.2023,


City church

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