Reach for God

You will never develop the love that brings you to God until you experience absolute benevolence, unlimited love, outpouring kindness, and all-consuming mercy for all living beings.

“When you go to church to pray daily,” says Jesus Christ, “when you kneel down and raise your hands to the Lord, then if you remember that your neighbor harbors a grudge against you, then first go to him and love him. Leave the Lord and go to a person to love him and ask him for forgiveness. Make peace with him. For how can one who has failed to make peace with people, make peace with himself and God?”

Of course, a person who refuses to love on a human level cannot be expected to turn in a fervent prayer to God.

A seeker once came to a sage who lived in a village and expressed his desire to reach God. He asked the sage for advice. Having looked at the seeker from head to toe and, in all likelihood, having learned all his ins and outs, the sage said:

– My son, I would like to know if you love someone? Then maybe I can advise you something.

The seeker believed that love leads people astray from the path that leads to God, so he said that he does not love anyone, that his only goal is to reach God.

Then the sage said:

– My son, think well. Ask your heart. Don’t you love your wife, children, family and friends?

The seeker stated firmly:
– No, I don’t love anyone. I just want to reach God.

The sage paused, tears rolling from his eyes.

The astonished seeker asked the sage:

– My father, why are you crying? Why don’t you want to talk to me?

– “My son,” the sage replied, “if you loved at least someone, I could transform your love for a person into love for God. But there is no love in you that leads to God. You are missing the love that creates a direct path to heaven.