Rick Warren lists 4 reasons why Christians do not get rid of bad habits

American pastor and bestselling author Rick Warren named four reasons why Christians do not get rid of bad habits.

The 68-year-old senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, preached on Mother’s Day on the theme “Rebooting My Life.” The minister told everyone present why many Christians do not want to get rid of bad habits, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to The Christian Post.

Warren quoted verse 20 from the seventh chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes, which says, “Surely there is no righteous man on earth who does good and never sins..”

“Today I’m talking about those areas of your life and your personality that seem to resist all attempts to change. I think you know what I mean. These are the things that you don’t like yourself and that add problems to your life. They have not appeared recently, but have been with you for many years, ”Warren emphasized.

The pastor asked his listeners two questions: “Why is it so difficult to change some areas of your life that you don’t like: habits, behaviors, ways of dealing with people, weaknesses?” and “What did God say it would take to change them?”

The author of “The Purpose Driven Life” gave four reasons that Christians most often use to explain why it is difficult for them to change.

First, a person has practiced a bad habit for so long that it seems impossible to change it.

“Many of your habits were actually instilled in you as a child. When you didn’t know how to fight back, they helped you deal with trauma and stress,” Warren said. “Some of your habits were actually survival tactics as a child. Today they may not work. They only exacerbate the problem, but they are still in your life. Why? Because that’s what you’re used to.”

“Bad habits are like old friends,” Warren explained.

The second reason, according to Warren, is that Christians often mistakenly consider their bad habits to be part of their identity.

“We can say to ourselves, ‘I’m a workaholic, I’m passive, I’m aggressive, I’m timid, I overeat, or I’m lazy. These things, these imperfections, they are not your true identity. They hide your true identity,” Warren explained. “You are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by saying that. For example, you say that you are always nervous on airplanes. Guess what will happen on the next flight?”

Third, Warren noted that good or bad, useful or useless, healthy or unhealthy, there is a reward behind a bad habit, sometimes this reward can be emotional, relational or completely different. Anything we reward or encourage, we tend to repeat, the minister noted.

The fourth reason is that satan wants us to keep these bad habits.

“The enemy uses your insecurities, criticism, accusations against you. Did you know that satan constantly accuses you? The Bible calls satan the accuser. Actually, that’s what his name means. … He is an adversary,” Warren preached. “Satan constantly inspires negative thoughts, such as: “You will never change. Are you kidding me? How many diets have you been on? It’s hopeless. You will never change your marriage. It’s hopeless. It won’t work. You might just as well give up.” Where do you think it all came from? It didn’t come from God. It came from satan.”

“The beginning of change can only happen when a Christian begins to control his thoughts,” Warren added, explaining that change begins in the mind.

“Every change starts in the mind. Your emotions, behavior, everything starts in your mind,” he said. Warren referred to Ephesians 4:21-27 where God calls Christians to renew their minds.

According to Warren, personal change can only happen when a person knows and accepts the truth about himself, about God, about life, about problems, about his family, about his past and about his future.

Source: Рик Уоррен перечислил 4 причины, почему христиане не избавляются от пагубных привычек | Новости inVictory

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