Russia has blocked Latvian religious website

Roskomnadzor has blocked the Baznica.Info portal because it spreads honest Christian information about events in Ukraine, the portal’s editors report.

Roskomnadzor blocked the Latvian Christian website Baznica.Info on Palm Day (April 10) by a decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

“The portal Baznica.Info was added to Roskomnadzor’s block list for the dissemination of honest Christian information and theological understanding of events in Ukraine.
We consider it an honor. We will continue to disseminate information on Facebook and Telegram. Now the articles on social networks are posted in full, not with links, “said the editor of the publication.

The portal Baznica.Info was founded by the Lutheran priest Father Pavel Levushkan, who leads the Russian-speaking community of the Epiphany church in Latvia.

Source: Латвийский религиозный сайт Baznica.Info заблокирован в России – ВО СВЕТЕ (