Russia will toughen punishment for the creation of a religious organization that infringes on the rights of citizens

From December 1, 2022, congregations and ministers who are members of organizations with centers in “unfriendly” countries or which are recognized as “undesirable” and conducting their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation may be held liable for the very fact of such membership and contacts.

O Monday The State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation approved amendments to toughen criminal liability for the creation of a religious, public association or an NPO-foreign agent that infringes on the personality and rights of citizens. Thus, the creation of a religious or public association whose activities involve violence against citizens or by other meanse cause harm to their health, as well as the leadership of such an association, according to the amendments, will be punished by forced labor for up to 5 years or imprisonment for up to 7 years (currently a fine or imprisonment for up to 4 years is provided), Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to Interfax-religion.

Responsibility for the creation of an NPO (including an NPO recognized as a foreign agent) or a structural subdivision of a foreign non-profit non-governmental organization whose activities are associated with inciting citizens to refuse to perform civic duties or to commit other illegal acts, as well as the management of such an organization or structural subdivision, is also increased.

For this, it is proposed to punish with forced labor for up to 5 years or imprisonment for up to 6 years (now it provides imprisonment for up to 3 years).

For participation in the activities of these organizations, as well as propaganda of the acts noted above, according to the amendments, it will be proposed to punish with a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income of the convicted person for a period of up to 18 months or by compulsory works for a period of up to 400 hours or correctional labor for up to 2 years or restriction of liberty for up to 3 years or forced labor for up to 4 years or imprisonment for up to 4 years (currently, the punishment is more lenient, in particular, with a fine of up to 120 thousand rubles and imprisonment for up to 2 years).

The amendments will come into effect on December 1, 2022.

Source: В России ужесточат наказание за создание религиозной организации, посягающей на права граждан | Новости inVictory