Russian invaders released the bishop in Melitopol, near Kiev attacked the rehab center and captured the minister

Bishop of the “Word of Life” Melitopol Dmitry Bodyu, who was kidnapped by Russian invaders on March 19, was released, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports.

“Dear friends! Thank you all so much for your prayers! Dmitry is at home. He is fine. Thank you for your participation, for your experiences, help and love,” his wife Elena Bodyu wrote on Facebook on March 28.

The invaders did not like the pro-Ukrainian position of the clergyman. On March 19, in the morning, armed men came to him and asked him to go with them. On the way, they stopped at the church building, took the church’s statutory documents, collected all the mobile phones of those who were in the building and took Dmitry away in an unknown direction. On March 20, Russian soldiers came to their home, asked for a sleeping bag and a Bible, and said that Dmitry might be released in a couple of days. Also later they came to the church building and announced that it was forbidden to hold services in the church building.

Also in Mariupol, Alexander Glushko, the pastor of the evangelical church “Light of the World”, was arrested. wrote about it.

The Russian military detained Alexander Glushko at his home. During a search at his home, they found a diploma from the Theological Seminary of Ukraine. He is believed to have been taken to territory formerly occupied by Russian forces and is imprisoned in Dokuchaevsk near Donetsk. Pastor Alexander’s family was not given any further information and his wife was told that she had no right or opportunity to see her husband.

During the occupation of a number of cities, the enemy carries terrorizes the local population. Their methods of pressure repeat the worst practices from the 20th century. The local population suffers from terror, especially those who spoke out in support of Ukraine or participated in pro-Ukrainian actions.

March 24 in the Kiev region, the invaders attacked a rehabilitation center and captured Oleg Bondarenko, a minister of the Salvation Church. This was reported by

Russian troops opened fire from an armored personnel carrier against the Vosor rehabilitation center. The people inside were jumping from the windows of the second floor. The agressors soldiers broke into the rehabilitation center and fired into all the rooms. Oleg Bondarenok, an attendant on duty, was tied up and taken away in an unknown direction.

Source: В Мелитополе захватчики отпустили епископа, под Киевом напали на ребцентр и взяли в плен служителя | Новости inVictory