“Satan sings a lullaby to the American churches …”

Pastor from India urges Christians to remember the Great Commission.

Alpha Ministries President Pastor Benny has dedicated his life to God supporting Christians persecuted for their faith in Africa and Asia over the past several decades. In a recent interview with The Christian Post, he called on Christians to remember the mission to which God has called His Church.

“Satan is singing a lullaby to the American churches,” said the chief executive pastor of Alpha Bible Church in Asia. “Most churches in America are so busy getting big.
They are internally focused on themselves and their members. The church lost its focus on helping the lost and those outside the church. We keep sinners away from the church, and we have no desire to reach those on the roads and side ways.
We are not fulfilling the mission God has given us. As a result, the Church lost its influence. We are in decline and drift away from God, carried away by our own selfish desires. “

“The church should be a place where people can come, become disciples and be sent out,” he stressed. “We think that if we just send money for a mission, we are doing God’s work.
But Jesus commanded to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the earth. This means reaching people locally and globally. This means that we must be active in finding the lost both locally and globally, even if it means risking our own comfort. ”

Pastor Benny is the eldest son of Pastors Matthew and Grace Cherian, two pioneers of the faith in North India who know firsthand what it means to give up everything for the gospel.

“My parents lived modest lives and invested in those people who lived around them and did not know Jesus. They were salt and light in their community, preached the Gospel and took care of the suffering and homeless, ”the pastor said. “They gave soup and soap to the poor and shared the message of salvation with them.”

Every day for nearly two decades, Pastor Cherian Matthews traveled from city to city on a bicycle, which became his family’s only means of transportation. When he came to a new city, he distributed gospel brochures and inspired new converts.

Matthew’s faith cost him dearly. Some of Benny’s earliest memories are of his parents suffering for the gospel.
“I was six years old and I remember a religious fanatic hitting my father for his ministry,” he said. – “My mother was standing next to her, holding her newborn daughter, tears streaming down her face.
I saw how my father took the blows, and in return he trusted God even more with his life. I saw how God took care of us despite physical persecution, hunger and other trials. “

With few funds and resources, Pastor Matthew Cherian founded the Alpha Bible Church, later the Bible Institute was founded, and the IMPACT leadership training emerged. By 2013, they had trained and sent out 27,000 ministers, began feeding over 700 orphans and poor children in orphanages, and opened children’s Bible classes throughout Asia and Africa.

Today Pastor Benny continues the ministry started by his father, but for many years he resisted God’s calling.
“I was attracted to a life of comfort and luxury,” he admitted.
Benny immigrated to America, where he sought to “get rich, make money and be part of the American dream.”

With a lucrative job in a New York City clinic, Benny went on to achieve the American Dream. However, he and his wife soon began to struggle with infertility, and Benny felt how God was pushing him to serve.

“One day I said to my wife, ‘What if God gave us a child – would you leave it all to serve God? And she answered: “If God gives me a child, I will leave everything and follow Christ.”

Shortly thereafter, the couple became pregnant with their first daughter, whom they named Faith Hannah. “It was a miracle,” Benny recalls.

He left a promising position in the early 90s to take part in the work of Alpha Ministries, where he still serves. God blessed them with two more children: Ben-Israel and Joy-Ruth.

Pastor Benny said that part of his mission is to help Christians take off their blinders and focus on making Christ known throughout the world.

Based on materials from The Christian Post

Source: https://inlight.news/2021/03/15/bennie-cherian/