“Serving at the front”: a movie was made about the Ukrainian chaplain and Bishop Gennady Mokhnenko

Project “Protection” made a documentary film about the famous Ukrainian priest and bishop Gennady Mokhnenko. This is a story about the work of a pastor during the war, which broke into the door of his house as early as 2014, Christian Megaportal inVictory reports with reference to slovoprolovo.info.

“Today it is the story of a chaplain who not only spiritually supports our defenders, but also personally takes civilians out from under shells. He became a father and role model for many children. He is hated by Russian propaganda… He lives in danger and chooses a dangerous direction because he understands what is most needed there,” reads the preface to the film.

Gennady Mokhnenko is a military chaplain, pastor, founder and head of the Pilgrim Republican Children’s Rehabilitation Center. A native of Mariupol and the father of 38 children, 3 of which are biological.

He is also known for social initiatives and large-scale projects to protect children deprived of parental care. And also the hero of numerous documentaries about raising children in large families, serving in the church and charity.

The film tells about the service of Gennady during the war, which broke into his house in 2014. He then worked at the front with some of his sons and supported the Ukrainian soldiers. And since February 24, 2022, when Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, the chaplain who came under fire that day pulled people out from under fire and evacuated the residents.

“…Since 2014, as a bishop of a Christian church, we realized that we automatically became chaplains. Coming to the front to the soldiers, you, as a priest, not only bring food, clothes, medicines, but also sit down with them to drink tea and then they talk … I have to talk in trenches very seriously with people who never thought seriously about matters of religion. We have a rule – we do not leave without praying.”

In 2015, award-winning Hollywood director Steve Hoover directed Almost a Saint, a film about a minister. The premiere of the film about Gennady Mokhnenko took place at the prestigious festival in New York. “Almost Holy” received multiple awards on Rotten Tomatoes (even being nominated for an Oscar) and a 98% rating from professional critics.

Source: Служение на фронте: об украинском капеллане и епископе Геннадии Мохненко сняли фильм | Новости inVictory