Shalom dear! Blessings

Av 9th!

Sad day, fasting and prayer for a tragedy that happened a long time ago!
On the 9th of Av, the First and Second Temples were destroyed! Temple and Tragedy!
God gave His people the First Temple! His great presence was there, but the sin of the people destroyed the temple!
The merciful Almighty gave the Second Temple, but again the sin of the people destroyed the temple! As it happens in life, we don’t cherish what we have, and when we lose it, we cry!
All believing Jews today are in fasting and prayer, in deep repentance before the Lord! Repentance and understanding of the causes of these tragedies helps to live righteously and please the Almighty!Let us appreciate all that is given to us by the Almighty! From the bottom of our hearts let us delve into His Eternal and Living Law! With sincere gratitude we will live every new day, and as we want people to do to us, so we will do to them! Let’s sow good seeds. And each of our deeds and thoughts is a seed! And after the sowing there will be a harvest, there will definitely be!
So we will cherish every moment of life, we will rejoice in everything and thank you for everything!
With thanksgiving and faith, we will wait for the Third Temple!

Wishing you all peace and prosperity!
Mashiach is near! Shalom!

Pastor Ella Armand.

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