She spoke about herself like this: “My body sometimes drives me crazy.”

“There are few people in the world who have suffered as much as I have.
Countless pneumonias, operations on the back, eyes, knees and feet, removal of the tonsils and appendix.
I had three caesarean sections and one tracheotomy. My uterus has been partially removed.
I had measles and dysentery, was treated for alcoholism and drug addiction, underwent brain surgery two years after artificial joints were implanted in my hips. But I believe in life and will fight for it!” Elizabeth Taylor

In 1997, after surgery to remove a brain tumor, Elizabeth Taylor, looking at herself in the mirror, exclaimed, “I look like an ax murder victim”

She soon appeared on the cover of Hello! – with a bald head and a terrible scar.

Elizabeth herself explained this act as follows: “Thousands of people are looking at me, who, perhaps, are in the same condition as me. And they, looking at me, will think: “If she could go through this, then I can too.”