So the story goes

God says to Abraham: “Get out of your father’s house, get out of your land and go where I will show you!”

God says to Moses: “Bring out My people!”

Jesus says: “Deny your self and take up your cross and follow Me!”

And then it is even more severe: “Let the dead bury their dead, but you follow Me!”

He said to the rich man: “Sell everything you have, give the money to the poor, come and follow Me, taking up your cross!”

Then the apostle Paul says very firmly: “Therefore go away from among them and be separated from them, and I will receive you!”

That’s why I don’t sleep. It turns out that Christianity is not friendly at all. This is not parties and picnics in nature. Everyone has to decide for themselves here. The choice is not easy. Oh, not easy at all. Christ has risen! He promises a resurrection to all the faithful. He promises eternal life! And what am I without Christ? It turns out that all I have is death. Everything else is a terrible and an eternal void. I choose Christ!

I renounce all this nonsense and emerge from the emptiness of brutish creation.

Jesus I am with You, as the apostle Paul says: for me life is CHRIST!
And my face lit up!

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