So what’s the deal with these candles? What is the connection between candles and spirituality?

Question: Lighting the candles is very important in Judaism. Candles are lit on the eve of Shabbat, the eve of every holiday. And the upcoming Hanukkah holiday is one continuous candle lighting. What is the connection between candles and spirituality?

Answer: In fact, the candle is something that relates more to the spiritual than to the material realm. Material matter if scattered becomes diffused and shrinks. But spiritual, if it is scattered will grow.

If you use something material, it will shrink and disappear. The more money you spend, the less money you have; the more gasoline you use, the less is left in the tank; the more you eat, the more often you need to replenish your food supply. The spiritual, however, only grows with spending. If I teach people what I  know, they can learn more and I myself will only become smarter. By giving my love to those I love, I love even more. When you give a person a spiritual gift, he gains it, but you lose nothing.

This is the spiritual meaning of the command to light the candles. If you use one candle to light another candle, the first candle will continue to burn. Sharing a flame with another candle does not weaken its fire. On the contrary, two candles mutually amplify each other’s brightness and give even more light.

Sometimes we worry about being too spread out and wearing ourselves out. As far as spiritual things are concerned, there is no such danger here. The more good we do in this world, the more good will come into our lives. By finding a new friend, you will deepen your relationship with old friends. If you have another child, another channel of love will open up in your heart and more love will flow from it to other children. By acquiring new students, you will become even smarter.

Keep lighting the candles. There is an inexhaustible supply of light in your soul that will not diminish if you share it. Your goodness never ends.

Rabbi Aaron Moss.

Source: При чем тут свечи? – What is the connection between candles and spirituality? – Практика иудаизма (