Sorrow and joy

Hasidic parable.

When the Berdichevsky rabbi was asked which path is correct – the path of sorrow or the path of joy – he replied:

“There are two kinds of sorrow and two kinds of joy. If a person is withdrawn because of the misfortunes that have happened to him and hope leaves him, this is the worst kind of sorrow, about which it is said: “The Divine Presence does not dwell in a place of despondency.” Another type of sorrow is the noble grief of a person who realizes what he has lost.

It is the same with true joy. The one who neglects his inner man and does not feel his inner man as he enjoys vain pleasures and does not try to return what he has lost – such a person is a fool. But a truly joyful person is like a person whose house has burned down, but he, feeling a deep inner need, builds a new house. With every stone that he puts into the walls of his new house, his joy increases.