Start with yourself

Hasidic parable.

Dialogue between Zusya from Annipol and his brother Elimelek from Lizhensk:

“Where and how should a person start serving God?” Zusya asks.

“Very simple,” Elimelek replies, “if a person begins by seeing how small and insignificant he is, he will be able to appreciate the greatness of God.”

“Really!” Zusya was surprised. “Let a person start with himself? What an audacity! Convinced, first of all, of the greatness of the Lord, he cannot but fail to understand how insignificantly small he himself is.”

Since neither of them convinced the other, they turned to the Maggid for advice.

“Indeed, you are both right,” he said. “Both of your positions are valid. However, it is safer for a person to start the search, being aware of the limitations of their own capabilities. The one who lies on the ground cannot fall.”