Story about the princess

There was once a princess who grew up and it was time for her to get married. One of the cavaliers was too big, the other a drunkard, and so she said to each candidate, “I don’t want to! Don’t want! Don’t want!”

The king once said, “Enough! I’m tired of it! The first to enter the gate tomorrow is your groom! ”

The next day, an unsuspecting poor villager enters the gate of the royal castle. The courtiers immediately grab him. The man almost loses consciousness in fright. The villager is washed clean, his hair is cut and he is beautifully dressed and brought to the king.

The king turns to the man, “Listen, when I say you’re going to be a minister, what do you think?” The man doesn’t know what to do with this great happiness !! A minister ?!

“But what if I make you my son-in-law?” asks the king.

Hmm .. What to answer? Yes! No? The man swallowed his tongue. There was silence and silence is a sign of acceptance.

The man thinks, “His daughter .. Who is she? Maybe she is very ugly and that’s why no one wants her and now they make me his groom by force? If I had said I did not want to, I would have been beheaded. There was nothing I could do. Let’s see what happens. “

So it’s the wedding day. The man stands under the huppa and the bride who is completely covered with a veil is brought to him. You can not see her face but the man sends the princess an appreciative look that she is at least slim, not crooked, doesn’t limp but walks normally. Probably if she reaches her hand out from under the veil, she will have an ugly hairy hand. Help me, how scary !!

But such a delicate beautiful hand emerges from under the veil.

The man is so surprised because he has never seen such a beautiful hand in his village.

When the veil is lifted, the man’s mouth sinks: “Such a beauty !!”

During the wedding ceremony, the bride sits and smiles at everyone. Queen! Princess!

But the man is sitting, sad and thinking, “Hmm .. I guess I understood. She is abnormal. They gave to her probably some pills and now she is normal, but as the effect of the pills diminishes, she starts cursing, beating and clawing like a cat. Heh .. What to do, the ring is on your finger. ”

The next seven days are like a dream, the bride rejoices, and the man sats and tries to look happy, making a Hollywood smile. But in his heart he is deeply sad and don’t know what to do.

Time passes by and the man has to take the bride home. The man offers her the best food in the village – potatoes and sardines baked on a campfire. It is a delicacy in the village, there is no such royal table. The princess ate what was offered and took care of the household. The villager noticed how good it was to live with her.

After a while, the villager writes to the king, “King, a few months ago you gave me your daughter as a wife. I’m very happy, but I have a problem. It’s because I didn’t rejoice on the wedding day because I didn’t know if it was good or bad for me, and I ask you to do another wedding party for me so that I can rejoice with the joy of a real groom! ”

The Jewish sages say that the human soul is the daughter of God, or the princess, but the body is the villager who was chosen as the groom. Imagine that the body says to the soul: Eat this now! The princess has spiritual and royal interests.

The princess needs something royal and our King gave us the Torah. A man must choose something from the royal table and give it to his princess.

Therefore, when Israel received the Torah on Mount Sinai, did they rejoice like on the wedding day? Rather, they thought to themselves, “Who knows what is written in the Torah?”

Only later, when we saw how wonderful the Torah is, did we say, “Oy, oy and we were afraid but now we want to rejoice!”

That is why Simchat Torah is celebrated a few months after Shavuot!

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