Study: US evangelists don’t want shorter sermons, while 30% favor deeper teaching

Less than 10% of evangelical Protestants in the U.S. want shorter sermons, while almost a third of those surveyed want deeper teachings.

On January 7, Gray Matter Research and Infinity Concepts released their new study, which surveyed 1,000 American evangelical Protestants.

According to the report, only 7% of respondents want the sermons to be shorter, and 85% think the length of the sermon is acceptable. About 8% said they would like the sermons to be longer.

“One of the most surprising findings is that very few evangelists want shorter sermons, despite the common stereotype of pastors being verbose,” said Ron Sellers, president of Gray Matter Research.  “In addition, we often hear arguments that the current younger generation is not able to concentrate their attention for a long time, which means that pastors need to shorten their sermons in order to reach this audience.

Therefore, we expected to find a high proportion of evangelicals (especially among young people) who would like shorter sermons, from 20% to 30%. But instead they are only 7%.

Not only that, the data shows that 30% of respondents want their churches to receive deeper teaching.”

Mark Dreistadt, CEO of Infinity Concepts, said that what he finds most surprising is that almost a third of evangelicals want more depth in their sermons.

“The most surprising finding was that 30% of evangelicals want more in-depth learning than their church currently provides,” Dreistadt said. “This demonstrates an opportunity for pastors to delve deeper into the Word of God. This is good news at a time when levels of biblical literacy in our culture are so low that evangelicals seem to be hungry for a deeper understanding of biblical truth.”

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Source: Исследование: евангелисты США не хотят более коротких проповедей, а 30 % выступают за более глубокое учение – ВО СВЕТЕ (