Submit yourselves unto God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you

I was born in 1997 and when I was one-year-old I got diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. By that time, my family was already broken. My father cheated on my mother and my home was hit by all the curses. We tried to do everything we could, but this skin condition lasted for years and I had no peace. I was very sad in my childhood.

When I turned eight, we had a communion in the Catholic church. I prayed and suffered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I didn’t understand why everything went wrong. Every year I was in the hospital. I had breathing problems, asthma and skin disease. I couldn’t move or wash myself but in 2012 when I was 15. I was lying in a hospital bed one night and saw a cross on the wall. I said: “God, I know You exist, but do something in my life, because that curse has been in my life since I was a child. I don’t know why it all came to me and my home. But even if it’s hard I want to live.”

A year passed and I went to a service in a Catholic church and began to pray for my family. I didn’t know Jesus personally. I prayed to Mary and Jesus. I didn’t know which option was better as I was seeking God.

In 2013, I became interested in folk medicine, I saw movies where old women prayed and people were healed. But I was still a Catholic and prayed to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

One day I heard that about 40 km from Ljublin is the town called Wąwolnica, where 600 years ago Mary began to do miracles and heal people. I went there during the holidays and wanted to ask for help, and just when I got there, evil spirits were driven out of one person. But I prayed, came home, and 2-3 months later I was completely paralyzed.

I had such severe skin inflammation that yellow liquid seeped out of my skin. I couldn’t even raise my hand to drink anything. I also had problems studying in high school. I asked for relief from the pain and at the same time prayed for myself and my family. One night I looked out of the window at the moon. It was a really beautiful evening. I said: “Jesus, You will either heal me or take me to Yourself. I will dedicate my life to You.” The Catholic priest asked me: “If Jesus wants you to go to Him, will you agree?” At that moment I said: “Father, priest, I am 16 years old and I want to use my life. I haven’t been able to enjoy any entertainment since I was a child.” The priest laughed, but I turned to the Lord again.

A few days later, a professor came to see me. According to the documents, everything was fine with my body, but I was in really bad shape. I couldn’t move. She gave me some medicine and said that it would take effect in three days, but it started to work just one day later. Praise God, I was able to move, wash myself, etc! Thank God!

But I was depressed. My body itched for six hours every day without any rest. Six hours of constant itching! I asked God, “What’s going on?” This time I did not hear God’s answer.

I searched the internet and found pastor Artur Ceroński from the Warsaw Church of Power. I was 17 years old and I didn’t have a driver’s license. My father is afraid of supernatural things, but I was desperate and I called him: “Hey, I have to get rid of it. You don’t live in the same house with me and you don’t know what’s going on. Drive me to Warsaw for service.” He agreed.

The pastor asked if we had been engaged in the occult in the family. I replied: “Yes, it seems so.” There had been different situations. He said to me, “From today on you will be free.” He anointed me with oil and prayed for me with a group of 20 people. From that day on, I was free! Praise God!

Krzysiek and Joy(website admin) in Lublin, Poland in 2021

I came home and my body no longer itched but my body still had symptoms but it was like scars. The pastor told me that I had been in a very bad condition and that my body needs time to heal. At that time on the night of 2016, my mother was born again.


But a fun story happened with my brother in 2016. I came home in the afternoon in May. My brother asked me to take him and his girlfriend by a car to the party in the city, and at 1:00 at night he would call and I would drive and take them back home.

It was 1:00 at night but no one called me. Suddenly my mother came to me and said, “Why don’t you answer the phone your brother is calling?” My mother gave me her phone and my brother said, “What are you doing there? Come pick us up now!” He said he had called me 11 times already, but there was no trace of it in my phone.

I brought them home and when we got to the parking lot, I felt such a special moment in my spirit, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. We got out of the car and he began to cry. He said, “I want the same faith that you have. I don’t understand how some things have happened in your life but I want God!” He said nothing had made him happy, neither work or girlfriends. He knelt on the city street at 3:00 at night. and I drove demons out of him, there were also manifestations. He was born again and dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in the midst of the city. I asked God what I should do with him now. He attends the Catholic church with his bride on Sundays, but I belong to the Pentecostal church. God told me that week by week my brother would come to me and ask me about different things. After that, he began to live with God!