Successful way of life!

“Turn away from evil, and do good, and you will live forever: for the Lord loves righteousness and does not forsake His saints; they will remain forever; [and the wicked will be cast out] and the offspring of the wicked will be cut off. The righteous will inherit the earth and will live on it forever.” Psalms 37:27-29

From this psalm we see how we need to act in order to live worthily and for a long time on this earth.

Doing good is a serious matter and in order to do good you need to make efforts and have a desire to sacrifice and help others!
And the Almighty highly appreciates our efforts and the rewards for this are great! There is even a proverb that to do evil, a lot of mind is not needed. But in order to do good, it is necessary to have the wisdom, a big heart and obedience to the Word of God!
Dear brothers and sisters, let us strive to do good and help others to do good! God will generously reward us all with good! After all, our God is goodness and love, and we all strive to imitate Him!

Shalom everyone! Peace and joy, wisdom and patience! Baruch Hashem!

Ella Armand.