Taimi Ploompuu: “God can also save from drowning”

We were visiting our birthplace, Paadremaa, with my mother and brother. We were still good brats. Together with my aunt’s children (Helmut, Endel, Lembit, Ester) we went swimming in the Paadremaa river. Oh, how dare we! Let’s try, who can swim across the river and back and how many times? So we swam.

It suddenly occurred to me that what will happen if I get tired? And immediately I got tired and sank under the water.

Lembit, who was swimming next to me, noticed that I was sinking under the water and pulled me out of the water to the shore.

Thank God that Lembit noticed that I was submerged.

Covered by Your mercy I can come,
which is huge in bahelf of my dust!
It is a grace that I belong to You, I can be near You
and this is my greatest happiness.

Your mercy is the foundation of my life,
which still stands firmer than a rock.
It is a shelter for me in happiness and also in pain,
my protective shield here on the victorious path.

Although some sections are cloudy and dark,
where You can’t see the warm sun anywhere.
Then I call out Your dear name
and You reach out to me again!

Then the dark clouds and evil winter will disappear!
Even my robe becomes whiter than the snow,
when prayer rises before the throne of grace
and the holy blood washes away my guilt.

Joy fills my heart! Never before
I don’t know another place of peace like this!
You graciously gave me great happiness,
Being near You is my greatest good.

Oh Jesus, everything is a miracle

what You can do!

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