Testimony from Kenya

Greetings brethren in the name of the Lord.

Just wanted to share with you about my first encounter with Pastor Paul Armand in Kenya.

He arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport.

I and Maurice Odhiambo met with him then we left Maurice in Nairobi as I traveled with him Akamba bus and arrived in Moi’sbridge some minutes past midnight.

He rested and then embarked on teaching in a conference the following day from 10am to 4pm daily for 3 days and night revivals which ran from 8 pm to 10pm.

Pastor led a simple and humble life during the time we were with.

He fasted and used only warm water till the time he left Kenya.

I remember him sleeping in my tiny room which had without a good mattress/ beddings.

He lived a humble life,full of power and anointing of God.

Our church was in untidy place depicting all poverty but that did not a man of God from ministering and giving us prophecy as the Lord led him.

What he said came to pass in Gods time as the man of God was led by the Spirit.

We moved from rental premises to our own.

The school/orphanage was built.

The church though temporary structure but it’s our own plot.

God helped me to be sponsored till I finished my Doctorate of philosophy in Divinity.

A lot of changes have taken place and every word that God led his servant to tell me has been fulfilled.

He was send to us timely and did Gods work faithfully without discrimination.

Long live man of God.

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