Testimony of brother Aimon John in Pakistan

We use to live to west part of Pakistan, more closer to Afghanistan, kind of so dangerous and stuff, especially for Christians. I never experienced presence of God and Holy Spirit, and didn’t really believed in it, but God was working in my life, He had purpose in my life.

Soon we lost our Home because if our faith. We were homeless and broke, I left the school, very hard times for me and my family.We then moved to Faisalabad.

That’s safe place for Christians.

Here I met my Pastor Nisar. He introduced me to Jesus, in a different way. Took some time to settle here and I continued my school and also started to going on prayer meetings.

One day Pastor Nisar took me to a Pastor’s Seminar, it was about how can youth serve the Lord, that was the day I found my purpose and started to realizing how God worked in my life to get me at this point.

So at the end prayer, all Pastors were praying so hard, I fell on my knees and started praying , my body hair were standing and I was feeling very strong presence if God, goosebumps, never had before.

The next day I had water baptism and aimed to serve God as long as I live.

Its been 6 years so far, serving our amazing God.

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