“The Apple of Divorce”. 4. Whose voice sounds in the garden of your heart

More than 12 years ago, I conducted trainings on the topic: “How to become happy?” And many women were looking for answers to these questions, not noticing their happiness in the family. They thought that there was a special formula or a magic key that opens the door to a mysterious world where a woman finds the secret.

In such searches, we are so fixated on external provocations: someone owns, but I do not own, someone has had luck, but not me, someone’s husband is successful, and mine is a loser, she is beautiful, but I got the remnants of beauty … A lot of images and pictures that haunt the heart of a woman.

This is what happened in Eve’s life. Walking in the garden, she suddenly heard a voice from outside, which drew her attention to what was forbidden to her. This voice did not inspire her to enjoy all that she had, and did not motivate her to be grateful for all that she inherited. He did not point the finger at the most important legacy in the garden, the Tree of Life, which helped her and her husband to renew and gain strength, despite all their fatigue or workload. And he didn’t even remind her that she is married, and it is a great honor to be in the sight of God someone without whom He will not be able to achieve and fulfill that what he has intended for both of them.

The voice was small but insistent, such voices are often heard from those who yearn for your fall or doubt. It sounds when you are distracted from the important and fixate on the secondary, when faith is replaced by self-confidence, love by logic, hope by facts. These voices sound every day, but when we know the Voice from Above, then they fade around us, waiting for a more opportune moment to have our attention.

So in the fate of Eve, a strange voice whispered and She responded, entering into a dialogue. She believed more in the one who tried to steal her heritage and replace her essence, forgetting about the Voice and the Word, which determined Her to be the Image of Heavenly beauty and wisdom, the Helper of the Creator Himself in the person of her husband.

She took her gaze away from the Well of Life, turning it towards the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Turned away from the divine calling towards the search for greater knowledge and new positions.

“You won’t die, but you will become like God,” isn’t it sweet to hear for someone who decided that being a helper is too low, and it’s time to rise above him, having tasted a new position from the tree of good and evil?

Voices resound today around every woman. But it is important for each of us to ask ourselves the question: Whose voice has determined for you: who are you? What dialogues do you allow and with whom do you conduct them: with a friend or an enemy?

Whose voice is louder: God’s or the tempter’s, husband’s or society’s, spirits or souls voice?

And the last thing: from which tree do you eat fruit every day: the Tree of Life or the knowledge of good and evil?

Source: «Яблоко развода». 4. Чей голос звучит в саду твоего сердца | Статьи на inVictory

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