The escape door

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His grace fills everything around. Grace is always around Him. Love and forgiveness are beside Him. Loyalty and devotion are the atmosphere around Him. Today we are going to talk about what will help you to win. Say, “I will learn what will help me win! Hallelujah!!! I find out, I take it and I don’t give it up. And I’m a winner! I am a conqueror in Christ Jesus! I will conquer everything, everywhere and always! Amen!”

One night I had a dream. It was so real that it seemed to me that it was not a dream, but real life. I had to wake up at five for prayer, but it seemed to me that I was not sleeping, but that I had already risen and it was all real.

In the dream, I was in the great hall and I was preaching the Word of God. And there were a lot of people. There were only three doors in this room and those doors were closed.

One door was closed in such a way that it was impossible to open it, as if it were a wall and not a door.

The other door was slightly ajar and when you touched that door, you realized that if you tried really hard, you could open it.

And the third door was tied with a small string, it seemed to be closed and if you try to open it a little, it is closed, but if you push it harder, you will realize that it will open.

And suddenly there was a smell of smoke in that room and people started sniffing. And you know, when the smoke appears, everybody gets scared. If you are indoors and there is smoke, you are looking for a way out of the situation. You want to know where that smoke came from.

So what happened next? As they say: “Where there’s smoke there’s fire!” So somewhere there is something even more dangerous than smoke.

The truth?

Let me give you an example from life. We came back from Germany by a ship and we smelled smoke in the cabins. We didn’t understand what it was. The smell got stronger and stronger, and after a while the whole ship was told, “We apologize, everything is fine, don’t worry. We have everything under control. One fan has burned out. There is no fire. The smoke will soon be gone.”

We said, “Hallelujah!”

Interestingly, there is no fire and soon no more smoke. But in the dream that smoke filled the room and a fire arose. Everyone in the hall realized that the fire was approaching. All this collection of people wanted to leave the hall and they started looking for opportunities.

The first door was closed like a wall.

The other was also closed and had to be pulled.

Only the third door opened easily.

And then I woke up.

The pastor woke me up and said it was already 5 o’clock.

I said, “Hallelujah! I thought I wasn’t sleep. I thought I was preaching in the hall. ”

I got up, but the dream did not leave me alone. I felt like I was in that hall, those doors, that smoke, those people and that fire. What does that mean, God? I immediately went and wrote it all down on paper. And when I began to write, God gave a revelation to those three doors. In spirit I saw the continuation of this vision.

This house is our life, this is the world we live in. The people are us, it’s all us. And doors are our needs, it is faith in a miracle and salvation that can save you from this burning house.

A closed door that was like a wall is your personal problems, this is your personal health, you need it personally. What you think is impossible to solve. The door is closed and there is no way out.

The second door is the needs of your relatives: daughter, son, aunt, uncle. And somehow you already believe more. You say, “God, you can.” You pray for them. Yes!

The third door, a slightly closed door, is the needs of brothers and sisters. Those who seem very distant to you in life, but through Christ they are the closest.

And of course, if the house is on fire, which door do you go through? Of that closed door, or that which is slightly closed, or that which is lightly closed? Tell me? You run to the lightest door, which is quite a bit closed.

The Bible says in James 5:16, “Pray for one another’s healing.” Bear the needs of others. Keep each other. Serve each other to escape the burning house.

And everyone in the hall passed through the door, which was simply tied with a rope.

It is so easy for you to pray for a stranger. He says, “I have cancer.” “Hallelujah! God is good, He heals! What cancer? I lay my hands on your head, you are healed. Amen. Hallelujah!”

“Oh, pastor, my side hurts. You don’t understand how my head hurts. ” A closed door is like a wall. You don’t believe because you are in pain at that moment. Your head hurts and it says, “I am such a big door, I am so closed that you will never enter through me.” But remember that it is God who opens all doors.

But the most important thing was to move on. As people started to leave through the easily opened door, they saw that the other two doors were closed from the outside. They were simply bolted on. The bolts were opened and the doors opened. And then all the people came out of the burning house.

When you take other people’s needs as your own and begin to pray for them and sacrifice yourself for them, you go out into freedom and open your closed doors. God gives you the opportunity to open those closed doors and you will be free. And there is no reason to be sad. But you will take someone else’s need as your own and start praying.

“This person’s needs.. Oh, he is so unpleasant. I don’t like him. Oh, that I must pray for him. ” This is for him and start praying. He is your open door through which you can go out and then open all doors.

Jesus loves everyone and tells us to love everyone. Jesus was and is the door of salvation. He came to earth for us and died for us, for our sins and iniquities. He did not want to be served, but He came to serve and set an example for us to follow.

Heavenly Father loved us so much that He gave the most precious thing for us. God’s love is capable of loving all people on earth. We can’t do it on our own. Never. But He, through His grace and great mercy, gave us His Spirit. Hallelujah! Holy Spirit, Who is everywhere, Who is in everything. The Spirit Who Knows All, Who Sees All. A spirit that penetrates all and understands all. Trust Him and He will lead you out, He will lead you out! Through His Spirit we can love everyone and pray for everyone and the doors are open! Hallelujah!!!

Let’s look at Psalm 78. This is the teaching of Asaph. In verse 1 he addresses the people:
Pay attention, my people, to my law, turn your ears to my words!

Hallelujah! God always invites us to listen to His word. How do you win? You have a need, a difficult situation, a problem. How to win? He says: “Listen to the Word of God, find the answer to your problem in the Word of God and accept that word and live by that word!”

When sickness and weakness attack your body every day, it seems that you are not sick and yet not healthy, you do not feel cheerful, as if something is connected all the time.

Remember! Sickness comes from hell.

God’s blessings come from heaven and do not bring sorrow. They enrich.

It means that I find the word from the Father in heaven. What does this mean for me? I won’t get sick?

And the Bible says in 1 Peter 2:24: “By his blood you have been healed.” Hallelujah!

Are you in pain? You take that word and say, “You know, sickness, you know, weakness, listen to me carefully. Open your ears and listen to God’s Word. I’m going to preach the gospel to you right now. Headache, I preach the gospel to you and the gospel smells deadly to you. Amen. So headache, it is written that by the blood of Jesus you have been healed (or I was healed). And I’m not going to think otherwise. I’m healthy. And get out of my head in the name of Jesus. And quickly! ”

You have to believe a word that is written here. You must put your hope in God and touch God with your faith that comes from God!

Look at it in Psalm 78, verse 7: “and that they might put their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments.”

Hallelujah! Put your hope in God! You see, you cannot see God. You still live on this earth. Hallelujah! are you alive He said, “You do not see me, but you see my works.”

We don’t see electricity either. We see the light burning and understand that the current is flowing. But if we want to feel electricity, then it may be the last moment of our life. As many say, “Show me God, when I see, I believe.” You don’t believe because when you see you don’t need faith anymore. Faith is necessary when you cannot see, therefore you are blessed to believe without seeing.

John 20:29 … Blessed are those who have not seen but have believed.

Say: “I will not give up bliss, I believe that God is good and His mercy is eternal! I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord! I do not see Him, but I believe and my faith is growing. And God bless me. Hallelujah! ”

And He says, “Trust God, the invisible healer.” Jesus treated and healed all diseases and infirmities. Jesus healed the crippled. Hallelujah! You have a chance to get new body parts. Jesus is mighty to do a miracle for you.

Enter the right door, and beyond that door lies freedom, salvation, and eternal life.

Don’t stay in the burning house, don’t suffer for nothing, run out the open door, there’s still time, hurry. Believe in God, repent before Him and accept His forgiveness and His Son and with the Son accept everything!

You can win only with God, His Word and His Spirit. Keep God’s Word in your heart, obey His Word, and be in touch with His Spirit!

Never seek other gods. Pray for others and love your neighbor as yourself. Always do good, strive for good and overcome evil with good!

With love in Jesus Christ,

Pastor Ella Armand.