The founder of the largest Sunday school in the world Bill Wilson about his trip to Ukraine

The founder of the largest Sunday school in the world Bill Wilson about his trip to Ukraine. The founder of the largest Sunday school in the world spoke about his trip to Ukraine and about their three-level system of support for local residents during the war.

While most charitable organizations or ministries were working outside of Ukraine in neighboring countries, the founder and senior pastor of the largest Sunday school in the world Metro World Child (MWC) Dr. Bill Wilson went to Ukraine to find out the real needs of people, to help evacuate orphans, children and women and deliver supplies to the country, according to Christian Megaportal inVictory, citing Charisma News.

“Having been in Ukraine, I realized how different the facts are from the statements of politicians, from what we are told around,” Wilson said. “That’s why I went there. I needed to see people personally, find out their needs and how we can help them in the long term.”

The minister also talked about the three-tier MWC approach that Wilson and his team have taken in Ukraine, involving the MWC team, Christians and God. Wilson described the system as “Our part, your part and His part”.

According to Wilson, who has been in the ministry for more than 50 years, the first two parts are the “Power of Partnership” that exists between Metro World Child (Our Part) and ministry supporters (Your Part). Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, MWC has been working in three directions: 1) rescue and resettlement; 2) food supply; 3) body armor and helmets.

“We cannot do what we do without our supporters and supporting churches around the world. We are their missionaries,” Wilson said.

Wilson also invited Christians to join him and  to help MWC in Ukraine in these three practical areas.

1. Salvation and resettlement

Last week, MWC managed to organize the evacuation of three orphanages. According to Wilson, their Ukrainian partner center receives calls from other cities and villages asking for help. They rented buses, hired drivers and did their best to find enough fuel to travel. Renting a bus one way costs between $1,200 and $1,300, plus about $1,100 for fuel. Then people are taken back to Uzhgorod to the partner center MWC. Most of the inquiries received by MWC come from the northern, middle and southern parts of the country. Each bus can accommodate up to 40 people.

2. Food supply

MWC volunteers rent trucks and deliver food to towns, villages and churches. They load trucks in the UK and Switzerland and travel via Slovakia to Uzhgorod, where MWC’s main supply center is located. As supply routes constantly overlap, MWC is working with trucking companies and drivers to deliver shipments to its partner supply center. The supplies are then loaded into small trucks and transported to hard-to-reach places across the country.

3. Body armor and helmets

Wilson traveled around the country and saw many young people aged 18 and 19 guarding checkpoints on roads and in communities without any body armor or minimal protection. A Christian businessman from Austria put him in contact with a manufacturer of body armor and Kevlar helmets that could meet these needs at a very low cost. The bulletproof vest costs $268 to produce, and $45 for the helmet. The first batch of 250 body armor and 230 helmets has already passed through Poland and was handed over to troops in Ukraine.

Wilson, through his military contact, secured the last seat in the van to go to Kyiv, where he was going to help the orphanage. When all three cars of the convoy gathered at an abandoned gas station and reached the last checkpoint before entering Kyiv, a Russian sniper shot the journalist in front of him in the head. If Wilson had been in the last van in last place, he would have come under fire.

“After so many years of service, when I had to go to the most dangerous places in the world, I realized that God is still faithful,” Wilson added. “He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am living proof of that. That’s why I keep doing my best.”

Bill Wilson is the founder of the international ministry of the MWC church in Brooklyn, New York. Through this ministry, over 22,000 children are learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ each week. Bill’s vibrant ministry, which he began among the disadvantaged children of the immediate area, was repeated in more than 500 cities in North America, and then beyond. Author of Whose Baby Is This?