The gate of heaven

A man in white clothes stands at the gate of heaven and welcomes those who have fallen into eternal sleep.

“Who are you?” he asks one of them.

“I am the one who has experienced the fullness of God. I am not an ordinary person, but a theologian! ”

“Do you know Jesus Christ?”

“But of course, I’m a theologian!”

“Well, go to the left then.”

The next soul comes to the gates of heaven.

“But who are you?”

“I’m a pastor.”

“Do you know Jesus Christ?”

“But of course, I said I am a pastor, so it’s not possible for me not to know Jesus Christ.”

“Well, go to the left then”

Then an old lady comes to the gate

“Who are you?”

“Me? I am basically a nobody. I’m a believer. All my life I have prayed and helped others. ”

“But do you know Jesus?”

“Lord, have mercy, who wouldn´t recognize You!”

The Lord smiled and said, “Come and enter into my kingdom!”