The hope of Easter is heard: praise echoes even in the darkest places

Local partners of Open Doors have recently captured on video believers praising God in beautiful voices despite their suffering. As Easter approaches, listen to these songs and stories about sisters and brothers. They risk a lot to live for Jesus. Remember that the same Jesus who fought on the cross and stands before persecuted families is also with you.

“…We must go from danger to danger. But everything is fine… Why is there crying, terrorism or monotony? Christ is my tomorrow and today. Soon I will be completely His in heaven. Yes, everything is fine.”

The powerful words of Chad’s Christian song mean even more when you know what has happened in their lives and communities.

In the refugee camp, they are mourning the loss of their loved ones who have been killed in the Fulani armed groups’ attack on their home villages. More than 30 Christians were killed in the attack on the villages. Survivors continue to pray together in the midst of their pain and grasp the eternal hope that Christ’s sacrifice brings us.

Through their praise we see the power of Easter: we have a risen Savior who walks with us in our perils. He brings heaven to us. Watch their worship via this link.

The church was destroyed, the praise continues

“…Jesus has reconciled all with His death, His Word promises that He will never forget us.”

In southern Laos, a village community destroyed a church that Christians had just built. But believers continue to sing of God’s promises. At the same time, they reminded themselves that God will never abandon them, even if the people around them hate them. Because of the sacrificial death of the Son of God, they will never perish.

I will never reject Jesus

“I have decided to follow the Lord, I will not return, I will not return.”

In Nepal, sisters Anisha and Anita sing these familiar words. Their stories of persecution and steadfast faith make their praise even more powerful.

When they began to follow Jesus, their parents were outraged by their decision to abandon the family religion. Because of this, their parents kept them under house arrest for six years.

Eventually, the siblings were kicked out of their home because they refused to renounce their new faith.

“Despite all the persecution, I have not denied Christ, because in Jesus we have eternal life,” says Anisha. “Only Jesus can give us eternal life after death. I will never forsake Jesus.”

Glory amid warring drug gangs

“… You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. All praise belongs to You alone.”

In Chiapas, Mexico, Christians are often caught in the crossfire of warring drug cartels that terrorize the region. Over a hundred churches in the region have been forced to temporarily close their doors due to the escalating violence.

But this church continues to gather and praise. Together, they affirm that even in the midst of violent drug gangs, they serve the Almighty King. He who came into the world and took our place on the cross and won the battle.

What does true trust in Jesus look like?

“…Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Your mighty hand and your shepherd’s staff comfort me.”

In northern Niger, Christian sisters gathered to praise the Lord after undergoing trauma therapy through Open Doors.

Where they live, Christians face threats, attacks and kidnappings from extremists on a daily basis. As we listen to the song with the words of the 23rd Psalm, they show us what it really looks like when we trust Jesus’ promise that He will set His own free.

Praise echoes everywhere

Respect to God. The Lord’s praise echoes throughout the world, even in the darkest places for Christians. His own follow Him and praise Him no matter what: in the face of extreme violence, attacks on communities, family abandonment, and even organized crime.

Their faithfulness and praise to the Lord in the midst of all the pain is a beautiful reminder that Jesus conquered death. That is why we also have life and eternal hope in heaven.

“But God, who is rich in mercy, has made us alive together with Christ because of his great love with which he loved us, although we were dead in trespasses – by grace you have been saved!” (Eph. 2:4-5)

Source: Pääsiäisen toivon ääniä: ylistys kaikuu pimeimmissäkin paikoissa | Open Doors Finland

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