The Japanese who led the attack on Pearl Harbor converted to Christ after a sermon by an American who spent 40 months in Japanese captivity

War creates enemies. Millions of people are saturated with hatred for each other because of the huge number of ruined lives, the death of loved ones and the destruction of everything that was valuable to them. But the Lord takes us through the barriers built during wars and other conflicts to save the souls of those who yesterday were your worst enemy.

81 years ago, on the morning of December 7, 1941, Japanese pilots attacked Pearl Harbor. The Americans lost 2,403 killed and 1,178 wounded in the attack.
The attack was then led by Japanese pilot Mitsuo Fuchida, but his life changed years later, thanks in large part to the preaching of Jacob DeSchaiser, an American who had been his enemy during the war.

DeSchaiser hated the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. In April 1942, he took part in Operation Doolittle Raid, during which 16 B-25 Mitchell land-based bombers under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle took off from the American aircraft carrier Hornet and attacked Japanese territory for the first time.
When DeSchaiser’s plane ran out of fuel over Japanese-held territory, it was taken prisoner by the Japanese. For 40 months he was starved, beaten and tortured.

Once DeSchaiser, while in prison, begged his captors for a Bible, and that’s when he turned to Christ.
“I suddenly discovered that God had given me new spiritual eyes. When I looked at the enemy officers and guards who so brutally starved and beat me and my comrades, I found that my bitter hatred for them was replaced by loving pity. I realized that these people do not know anything about my Savior, ”DeSchaiser later recalled.

After the end of the war, DeSchaiser returned to Japan again, but this time as a missionary. Surprisingly, God made it so that in a country of many millions he met with Mitsuo Fuchida, who also survived the war. This is how the pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor met, and the pilot who took part in the retaliatory operation, during which bombs began to fall on Tokyo and other Japanese cities for the first time.

Now DeSchaiser has come with the gospel and is one of those whose testimony helped bring Mitsuo Fuchida to faith in Jesus.
The amazing story of Fuchida’s conversion and the two Americans who brought the gospel to him is described in T. Martin Bennett’s book, The Wounded Tiger.

Based on CBN NEWS.