The joy of a new day!

A new day is coming! Good morning! And may this day be really good! Do not allow yourself to think badly about the new day that the Almighty has given you! You have power over this day! The Almighty Himself gave you this power through His eternal Word! You choose which path you will go today: the path of joy and thanksgiving, despite everything that happens or the path of despondency, grumbling and discontentment, doubts and fears! You choose and turn this day in the right direction!

“I will love you, O Lord, my strength! The Lord is my rock and my refuge; my Redeemer, my God is my rock; in Him I trust; my shield, the horn of my salvation, and my refuge. I will call on the venerable Lord, and I will be saved from my enemies.” Psalm 1:2-4

Do not be afraid of this new day, enjoy this new day as an opportunity, as a chance to grow and develop! As opportunities to do good, love and forgive, give attention to others and rise spiritually!

You are the happiest person – the Almighty woke you up and gives you the strength to live and to create! But thousands did not wake up today and left this earth!

Rejoice and live to the fullest, God loves you and will help you!

Have a happy and joyful day!
Baruch Hashem!

Pastor Ella Armand.