The joy of victory that is yet to come

The joy of victory that is yet to come. We read in the book of Esther that according to the decree of Haman in all areas of the empire on the 13th of Adar they could rise up against the Jews, kill, destroy them and plunder their property, the Jewish people wept and lamented and the rest of the time they lived in anticipation of death. And suddenly another decree comes, according to which the Jews could defend themselves.

But here’s what’s interesting. This second decree did not immediately solve all their problems, because the first decree could not be canceled. But the very news of this decree, that they could defend themselves, produced such joy, jubilation and triumph, such an inner explosion of faith in the heart of each of them, that it threw most of their enemies into confusion and laid the foundation for the victory of the Jews.

And here we see great parallels with the New Testament. The good news of the New Testament is that we are forgiven of all sins, that the enemy has been defeated, that Yeshua has triumphed. But, receiving this message, we are not yet entering into complete victory, into complete redemption, we have ahead, perhaps even a war.

Interestingly, they celebrated the victory even before the victory. There was no struggle yet, there was no war, they had not yet got rid of their enemies. But this joy, triumph and fun gave them such a huge advantage that even those around them began to become Jews from fear of the Jews.

Therefore, when we talk about the faith that is revealed in Purim, it is faith in deliverance until the very deliverance. It is a celebration of victory before the actual victory. And this is a very New Testament approach, because we do not yet have a complete victory, but the advantage is already on our side. We are already at war on a spiritual plane, we are at war using the strength and authority that the Lord has given us, and we are have a victorious mood in the war.

Rodion Samoylovich, Rabbi of the Jewish Messianic Community, Cologne