The Lord does not forget our sacrifices

I repeatedly imagined how I felt during the times described in the book of Esther, our people, brought to the brink of destruction. Placed in such difficult conditions, how could they look at Mordecai? How did they survive all this horror? How did they finally come to understand that, despite all the compromises with paganism, all the adjustment to the Persian pagan structure, they were lost and now it is not clear who can save them? How did they generally react to it?

But we see that they chose the right path – the path of repentance and inheritance of Mordecai, supporting him and Esther and fulfilling her instructions. This is just an amazing and supernatural change in the mood of the people. And when this turning point occurred, events also begin to turn in the opposite direction. We remember that Mordecai, with the help of Esther, saved the king, this was recorded, but was forgotten.

I know that now among a part of believers there are such thoughts: “Why? After all, the Lord promised. We served Him. And it feels as if the Lord has forgotten His promises to a certain extent, as if our sacrifices have been forgotten, our ministry has been forgotten.” But this is a very misleading impression. God knows when, how and to whom to remind, how to raise and how to use each of His words and each of our deeds, the fruits that we brought into the Kingdom of God and how in due time what we sowed then can lead to a great harvest in time. Because all the fruits of our service are only the seeds of a much more serious spiritual harvest. And the spiritual harvest inevitably manifests itself in the visible world.

I want to recall the events of the fifth chapter of the book of Esther, when, after a three-day dry fast, Esther dressed in the most majestic and shining royal clothes. Broken in the flesh, she manifested the power of the Spirit and, in an incredible way, was not only admitted to the king, not only was she not executed, but she miraculously gained a completely new grace in his eyes. I think this is a time when the Lord is preparing us for new manifestations of His grace, revelations of His love, and He renews our royal majesty within us. Because we are a royal priesthood. And He has prepared for us a real spiritual power, which should especially manifest itself just when the usual means do not work.

But of course, for this we have to make certain sacrifices and we are already making them. But I want to say that if these are sacrifices to the Lord, then He will accept them with gratitude, return them to us a hundredfold and pour out His grace and His good pleasure on us. And this favor can manifest itself not only in the eyes of God, but also in the eyes of people, very differently, in particular through those from whom we did not expect this favor and do not expect it.

Boris Grisenko, rabbi of KEMO

Source; (4) Борис Грисенко | Facebook