The Lord is my strength!

Each new day of life is a new day of trials and victories! From the moment we wake up, each of us is on the battlefield, and each of us makes decisions about how to behave and what to do!
Various joyful events can happen, but problems can also happen. And there may even be quarrels and conflicts, but do not be upset and sad!

“They pushed me hard to make me fall, but the Lord supported me. The Lord is my strength and song; He has become my salvation.” Psalm 118:13-14

If we open our hearts to God, and do not succumb to fear and despair, then we will definitely solve all difficult situations!

“The voice of joy and salvation in the dwellings of the righteous: the right hand of the Lord creates power! The right hand of the Lord is high, the right hand of the Lord creates power! I will not die, but I will live and proclaim the works of the Lord.” Psalm 118:15-17

We can even make mistakes, because there will always be mistakes, because we develop and learn to live correctly and wisely! Only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. But it’s already a big mistake that you don’t do anything. Do not worry, God is good and He will definitely guide each of us on the right path, educate us. Do not be afraid of the instructions of the Lord!

“The Lord severely punished me, but did not put me to death. Open to me the gates of truth; I will enter them, I will glorify the Lord. Here is the gate of the Lord; the righteous will enter into them. I praise You that You heard me and became my salvation.” Psalm 118:18-21

I thank the Lord for every day, for every lesson of life, for every victory, for every trial!
With joy and gratitude, in humility and meekness, we meet the new day! Thank you God! Glory!
Shalom to everyone! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Ella Armand

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