The Lord is preparing a final Purim

Friends, on this second Purim we can pray that the Lord will protect His people, protect those who believe in Him, protect Jews and non-Jews from any actions of spiritual enemies and from any physical dangers. We can surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to lead, unite us in a new unity and take us to the next level of spiritual authority and strength. And we can, like Mordecai, stand on God’s Word without succumbing to any compromise.

We can make compromises in everything of minor importance, but in the most important thing we must be true Jews, as the New Testament says. And he says that true Jews stand firmly in the Jewish Messiah, are faithful to His Word and no matter what threats come from which side, humbly surrender to God. And He knows how to save them, lead them through difficult circumstances, lift them up and give them that true triumph, which is not over some people, but which puts us above any circumstances, over war, over the tricks of the enemy, over any insidious plans and welcomes us into the tower of the name of the Lord.

Purim started last night and this leap year is the second major Purim of the Jewish calendar. And I want to say the one word that came to me before this Shabbat: the Lord has prepared the third Purim this year. And this will be the final Purim.

May our Savior embrace us all, however weak we may feel. If we are with the Lord, we revere His name and His Word, we stand for His people, we pray with faith that the Lord will not let the hope of His children, who cry to Him day and night, be put to shame. And we are sure that the Almighty, first of all, cares about His loved ones, about His household and about His children. He is building walls of fire around His people. If we do not succumb to any persuasion of those who serve darkness, if we understand that we are weak, we rely not on our carnal strength, but on the power of the One Holy Spirit, then He, the King of kings, who holds in His hand the heart of any king, any prince, of any ruler, He knows how to deliver His own.

The Lord knows how to give His people a true, holy, grace-filled victory simply because His people have surrendered, capitulated to Him, the only and living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and dedicated themselves to doing the will of Yeshua. He knows and will show us how to act in all situations. And He will give us strength for one another. He will give us the support of brothers and sisters from around the world, and is already giving. He will increase the prayer of hundreds of thousands of His children around the world for us and unite us in one ascending stream of His glory.

Friends, I congratulate you on the upcoming Purim glorious, blessed coup! Everything that the enemy has planned will be turned upside down. The Lord will strengthen our trembling knees and lead us on a path where there will be neither lion nor dragon. And His weakest children will march over it in victory and ascend to that spacious place where His final salvation awaits us and His amazing, pronounced fatherly embrace. May the Almighty King bless us and give us a foretaste of true freedom, salvation and victory in this second Purim of this year and entering the final third Purim, which is being prepared by Malech haMlahim, Malech Yisrael and Malech haOlam! Amen!

Boris Grisenko, Senior Rabbi of KEMO /