The Norwegian Church is losing its parishioners – statistics

According to research, the percentage of Norwegians who profess Christianity has dropped significantly
OSLO. Fewer people in Norway are attending church services, being baptized and being confirmed. The proportion of Norwegians who are members of the traditional Lutheran Church of Norway has dropped from 85% to 72% from 1994 to 2016, according to the Union of Orthodox Journalists, citing SSB.

However, membership in religious and other communities outside the Norwegian Church is increasing in the country. SSB researchers explain this fact by the annual increase in the number of migrants in the country.

The number of members of the Norwegian Church has been declining for 11 years, and in 2020 it was about 3.7 million Christians. In comparison with 2005, the difference was 280 thousand people. The largest increase in the period from 2006 to 2021 was observed by statisticians in the categories “Christianity” and “Islam”.

Among the Christian communities that are not part of the Norwegian Church, the largest in 2020 was the Roman Catholic Church – its number was 165 thousand people. The Norwegian Lutheran Church was separated from the state in 2012, and in 2017 the state ceased to be an employer of priests and bishops.

Source: Норвежская Церковь теряет своих прихожан, – статистика — Новости — Церковно-Научный Центр “Православная Энциклопедия” (